Department Administration

Position Office

Beverly Taylor
Chair Greenlaw 209

Daniel Anderson
Associate Chair Greenlaw 533

Jennifer Ho
Director of Graduate Studies (English) Greenlaw 442

John McGowan
Director of Graduate Studies (Comparative Literature) Greenlaw 413

Florence Dore
Director of Graduate Admissions (English) Greenlaw 430

Rick Warner
Greenlaw 439

Inger S. B. Brodey
Director of Comparative Literature, Director of Undergraduate Studies (Comparative Literature) Greenlaw 434
Tom Reinert Director of Undergraduate Studies (English) Greenlaw 418/211

Matthew Taylor
Co-Director of Ph.D. Job Placement Greenlaw 532

Megan Matchinske
Co-Director of Ph.D. Job Placement Greenlaw 534

Jordynn Jack
Director of the Writing Program, Associate Director of the Literature, Medicine, and Culture Program Greenlaw 512

Daniel Wallace
Director of Creative Writing Greenlaw 520
Mark Richardson Department Administrative Manager Greenlaw 210

Hilary Edwards Lithgow
Advisor for the Dept. of English and Comparative Literature

Department Staff

Position Office
Danny Bell Visiting Scholars Liaison Greenlaw 308
Anita Braxton Creative Writing Program Assistant Greenlaw 229
Sharon Brinson Graduate Student Services Specialist Greenlaw 207A
Tara Cowan Undergraduate Program Assistant Greenlaw 207 B
Linda Horne Accounting Assistant Greenlaw 203
Robin Samuels Accounting Technician Greenlaw 203
Karen Sardi Writing Program Assistant Greenlaw 202
Nancy Cripps Temporary Receptionist and Office Assistant Greenlaw 204
Cheryl Siler-Jones Administrative Services Coordinator Greenlaw 208