I1: Writing Communities

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A Study of Writing in Wikipedia: Ten Years Later - James Purdy

This presentation considers what writing activities characterize recent Wikipedia articles and to what extent these writing activities have changed. It will report preliminary results of a follow-up study analyzing all versions of three Wikipedia articles, archive, design, and writing, over a three-year period (2012–2014) and compare them to results of a similar study analyzing all versions of these same articles ten years earlier (2002–2014) with particular attention to adding, deleting, organizing, and formatting content; adding deleting, and fixing hyperlinks; editing; vandalizing; and the blurred lines between scholarly and “non-scholarly” sources and individual and communal/collaborative authorship.

Authentic Circulation: Buzzfeed, Ethics, and the Age of Immediacy - Dustin Morris
This presentation examines the external process of circulation and how understanding how a text moves through digital delivery should be important to understanding what authentic texts are in the age of digital reproduction. I shall examine two objects: first, the Boston Marathon Reddit scandal, then move to Buzzfeed's listicle practices. Each will underscore how control, from an original author, is loosened when texts exist on the internet.

Composition and Communities: The Inquiry Project as a Bridge Across Disciplines - Landon Berry
This presentation examines the inquiry project as a site for discourse community and digital media investigations. By exploring how digital media and technologies facilitate writing (broadly defined) for communities, composition students can pursue membership in a specific discourse community that is related to their major or personal interests

Rhetoric Under the Interface and the Rise of Sensors, Surveillance, and Telepathic Communication - Estee Beck
This talk will speculate on the role of computation upon rhetoric and present a theory of algorithmic culture and surveillance in connection with computers & writing and rhetorical theory, and imagine computers & writing's place alongside sensor technologies and the promise of telepathic communications.

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Wilson 116
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Concurrent Session I