H6: The Orthos Project: Testing the Boundaries Between Hybrid and Computer Assisted Learning in First-Year Composition

We are creating a webtext that provides an overview of the session discussion. The draft, which is still a work in progress, can be accessed at http://orthosproject.robinwharton.net/the-orthos-project/index.

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This mini workshop introduces participants to strategies developed for a cluster of first-year composition courses examining the crossing wires between hybrid pedagogy and computer assisted writing instruction (including developments such as adaptive or personalized learning, calibrated peer review, and "crowdsourced" grading). Our approach to these courses involved collaborative design, pooling resources, shared course management, and gamification.

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Pioch 117
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Concurrent Session H
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I had coffee with Robin Tuesday and she described some of what this team is doing. It's fascinating and cannot wait to hear more.