H2: Pedagogical Challenges

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Bridging Cultural Dimensions: Matriculation From the English Language Center to the University - Brandy Bippes
This study explores matriculation trends from a local/national intensive language center to a public research university and considers ways the university might begin to recruit and accommodate under-represented populations in technical communication, a field dependent on computer-generated writing, bridging majors in partnership with local/national community intensive language programs.

Not Top-Down, But Outside-In: Academic Support Programs and Digital Collaboration - Alicia Brazeau
What role can academic support programs play in the promotion of discussions and pedagogies for digital writing technologies and projects? What are the challenges and rewards of collaboration among libraries, technology departments, and academic support programs in fostering new attitudes and approaches to digital and multimodal composing across campus? This presentation seeks to answer these questions by describing a collaborative intervention between Educational Technology, the Library, the Writing Center, and Publication and Design to support senior thesis writers in their experiences with research and composing technologies, and multimodal presentations.

Scaling Up: Moving from Course and Program Electronic Portfolios to Institutional and Inter-institutional Collaborations - Michael Day
What are the conditions necessary for expanding electronic portfolio use from individual and class-based implementations to institutional and inter-institutional partnerships and collaborations? This presentation tells the story one writing program's Inter/National Coalition for Eportfolio Research-sponsored development of an electronic portfolio assessment that became the basis for an institutional eportfolio and a regional electronic portfolio partnership.

Writing Before College: Multimodality and Transfer - Ryan P. Shepherd
This presenter will use results from survey and interview data to present an overview of multimodal writing experiences students may have had before entering university. He will then offer insights on how to more effectively use these experiences to create and build upon multimodal texts in first-year writing classrooms.

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Wilson 116
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Concurrent Session H
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