Mining Mindfulness: Tracking and Visualizing the Recent Turn to Well-Being in Writing Studies
Crossing Wires with Google Apps: Jumpstarting Collaborative Composing
Memes, Circulation, and Rhetorical Velocity
Reflections and dreaming: Modality, mediation, and the complexity of the distributed subject
[Dis]Embodied Kairotic Composing: Snapchat, Indigenous Networks, and Queer Digital Migratory Analysis
Traversing Cultural Divides for Student Veterans in the Writing Center, the Technical/Professional Communication Classroom, and on Facebook
Notice What You Notice: Eye Tracking and Critical Literacy
Crossing Boundaries With Our Students: The Beginnings of Digital Student Publication at Emory
The Medium Becomes the Message: Comparing Blogged and Word-Processed Writing in a First Year Seminar
Bridging Cultural Dimensions: Matriculation From the English Language Center to the University
Black Queer Literacies in the Age of #BlackLivesMatter: A Case Study from Columbus, OH
A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Introducing WOLFIE (Writers’ Online Learning and Information literacy Environment)
Selfie Esteem: Analyzing Selfies to Reshape the Body of FYC and Mind of Online Presence
I Can Has Yer Attenshun?: Mobile Devices as Student Engagement Tools
affect and digital filmmaking: enacting “the entire vibratory event”
Digital Environmental Engagement: Writing Eco Issues in Digital Spaces
Synthesizing Rhetoric & Business Communication in Online Service Learning Projects
Developing Digital Literacies as a Transition Environment for Multilingual International Students
Computational Rhetorics: Crossing Computer Assistive Analysis and Computers and Writing Research
Building the Foundation for a 4-unit Multimodal FYC Course Design
Digital Drawing to Learn Science
physComposition: Using Physical Computing and Circuit Crafting to Compose Physical–Digital Texts
Entangled Communities: Collaborative Scholarship Between the Digital Humanities and Computers & Writing
Multimodal Readers and Monomodal Measures: A Rhetorical Analysis of ‘Brain Prefers Paper’ Studies
Composing with deliberate speed: writing humanity’s future sensorium
“I See You; You See Me”: Building Community with Social Media in a F2F Classroom
Fostering Sonic Spaces: Speaking and Listening Back
Civil Writes: Service Learning in Writing Courses
“Hey Dr. L, This Is a LOT of Writing:” Teaching Professional Writing Online