D1: Gaming the Writing Space: Transforming the Classroom through Play

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As teachers confront  the question of how to modernize pedagogy for the digital generation, gaming and play--digital, mobile, or analog-- are becoming more and more ingrained into our culture. This panel will explore how play can be used in and beyond the writing/composition classroom to inspire academic work, allowing teachers to better reach a diverse student population with lessons that inspire creativity, collaboration, and deep engagement.

Gaming, Not Gamification: Using Role-Playing Games in the Writing Classroom - Speaker 1
Speaker 1 looks at the way that tabletop roleplaying games can be used to create a more engaging classroom experience. Drawing on such theorists as Jesper Juul and Miguel Sicart, Speaker 1 makes a case for creating a space in which students can engage with one another and with writing projects in a way that encourages experimentation and the opportunity for critical thought and understanding.

Collaborative Authorship through Gaming: Co-Writing in the Digital Space - Speaker 2
Speaker 2 will present an exploration of how games can inspire and create spaces for the generation of creative work. As artifacts which can affect high levels of passion and commitment, many games inspire prolific fan communities which produce art, video remixes, and creative writing. These works are made by and for the community and are subject to discussion, analysis, revision, and even further remixing by others in the community.

Modding as Art Brut: Subaltern Counter-Rhetorics in Digital Gaming - Speaker 3
Subversive modding includes content which corporations are unwilling to officially endorse and/or which directly conflict with a video game software/service’s End User License Agreement; it is also that which defies accepted methods and values of design, especially created by those outside hegemonic power structures. Speaker 3 will discuss (with hands-on examples) what subversive mods are, what sites/spaces /communities facilitate their development, and how these things can inform rhetoric, composition, and design pedagogies.

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Basil 214
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Concurrent Session D
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Session Image Credit:Ivan. "Abxy." https://www.flickr.com/photos/47476117@N04/26302941972. Creative Commons.