C10: Rhetorical Reconsiderations of Physical and Academic Boundaries

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Cannonball Trail: the Material Realities of Creating a Public Location-based Application - Jamie Henthorn
This paper will address issues of labor in a cross-disciplinary digital humanities project that connects academia with civic initiatives. It looks at Cannonball Trail, a location-based augmented reality mobile app produced through Old Dominion's Gaming Hub. The presentation addresses some of the realities of working with a variety of students across disciplines in creative ways that can be challenging for both academic and civic structures.

Digital Environmental Engagement: Writing Eco Issues in Digital Spaces - Julie Bates
This presentation explores the affordances, limitations, and effects of writing students’ multidisciplinary online projects designed to communicate the complexity of environmental issues and encourage specific publics to act. It also briefly explore other possibilities for digital environmental writing pedagogy.

Dream Dwelling: Augmenting our memories of place through mobile technology - Joseph Cirio
This presentation considers the ways short-form writing with mobile technologies prompts us to re-think how we imagine spaces in which we dwell. In particular, this presentation is designed to consider how mobile writing’s relationship to physical place is particularly relevant to historically marginalized groups’ relationship to physical place.

Rhetorical Reconsiderations: Navigating disciplinary boundaries through digital, genre-based activities - Lindsay Clark
This presentation discusses how technological activities as part of a genre-based curriculum in an Environmental Science graduate course affected students’ ability to make decisions about writing in the field.



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Nursing 101
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Concurrent Session C