B8: Changing Landscapes: How agency and technology are changing communication

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Against the Grind: How Grindr Shapes Identity - Caleb Pendygraft
This presentation focuses on the digital construction of identity using Grindr’s interface as a beginning point to explore the claim that technology impacts how we talk about and live our sexuality, both in and outside the classroom.

Algorithmic Embodiment for Technical Writers - Emi Stuemke (Bunner)
My presentation will show examples and discuss strategies of how to move theories of embodied agency and self out of graduate level theory courses and into practical career training.

Biofeedback Wires in the Composition Classroom: Evaluating Potential Uses and Contributions - Erin Schaefer
Biofeedback technology is a tool for harnessing body and mind awareness, typically associated with the mental health and medical fields. This session will explore potential uses of biofeedback the composition classroom. Specifically, it will evaluate the narrative frameworks in biofeedback interfaces and ask how these might support embodied writing and certain socio-cognitive processes.

Composing with deliberate speed: writing humanity’s future sensorium - Alexander Reid
The increasing capacity of digital technologies to sense and analyze data and then present human users with customized media experiences has significant implications for our conceptions of deliberation as a central feature of rhetorical action. This presentation takes a rhetorical, media ecological approach to this condition to examine how writing and composing may be reinvented in the context of the shifting possibilities of human sensation and cognition.

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Basil 216
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Concurrent Session B