B10: Video Composing Opportunities

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affect and digital filmmaking: enacting “the entire vibratory event” - bonnie kyburz
Digital filmmaking is more than play. It is critical and creative rhetorical work that is especially productive when paired with studies in affect theory. A remix of the famous "melting snowman" film featured in Massumi's work will enact the argument.

Composing the Video Essay - Collin Bjork
This presentation extends the investigation of digital writing to consider the video essay as a form of audio-visual composition. I argue that the visual aspects of the video essay challenge us to re-conceptualize and to foreground two sometimes trivialized aspects of undergraduate writing: mechanics and aesthetics.

Exploring Video Reflections: An Alternative to Print-Based Reflection Essays in FYC - Brandy Dieterle
This presentation discusses a video reflection assignment in FYC through analyzing video reflections and presenting student interview data.

Incorporating Videos with Dynamic Visual Text in the Composition Classroom - Janine Butler
I will share with composition instructors how we can use captioned videos to help students develop rhetorical skills for recognizing how to embody meaning in different modes.

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Salerno 203
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Concurrent Session B