A5: The Sweetland Digital Rhetoric Collaborative as an Instructional Tool: Cross-Community Connections and Collaborations

The four authors listed above will craft a proceedings document from the collaboratively taken notes during the breakout sessions of the workshop, supported by images from the slideshow presentation used to anchor the activities that encouraged different avenues of exploration for the pedagogical uses of the DRC site. The piece will conclude with takeaways - simple steps that would scaffold a new user's experience with the site and give experienced site users some fresh ideas about theory and practice of using digital content from a collaborative online community in their classes.

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In this mini-workshop, participants will learn how to use the resources created by the Sweetland Digital Rhetoric Collaborative in their writing classrooms. The DRC site offers scholars and teachers multimodal content about the history and future of scholarship about computers and writing as well as tool reviews, lesson plans and much more.

First, we will showcase how instructors have used the DRC in their classrooms by using the resources of the site and inviting their students to be contributors. Next, we will provide a framework and resources for participants for using the DRC. Finally, we will facilitate collaborative development of lesson plans using the DRC. We will invite workshop participants to share the results of their lessons as a feature on the DRC blog during the 2016-2017 academic year.

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Pioch 117
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Concurrent Session A
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