I2: Caption, Performance, Code: Composing Accessibility across Multiple Interfaces


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Caption, Performance, Code: Composing Accessibility across Multiple Interfaces

Picking up Yergeau et. al’s (2012) call for an “ethics of accessibility,” this panel highlights access across multiple interfaces. Debates on the nature of technological literacy in all its forms have focused primarily on the opportunities for novel engagement that emerging technologies offer. While writing comprises a significant portion of these opportunities, video, image, audio, and embodied performance are also valuable means of literate practice. However, these means only occasionally address concerns of accessibility—remarkable given the discipline’s increasing awareness of what “composition” can entail. We often create boundaries when defining composition that exclude particular bodies and communicative practices. This panel explores how we can make our classrooms, scholarship, and composing practices more accessible across literacies and modes. Speaker 1 positions accessibility as a critical literacy rather than an add-on in both our classroom spaces and in our scholarship, arguing that practices such as transcribing and captioning are rhetorical and creative acts. Speaker 2 focuses on the role of performance in the first-year composition classroom, exploring how multimodal and embodied performance can unhinge traditional forms of academic writing and value the experiences of students. Speaker 3 explores the possibility for a new paradigm of accessible—rather than elegant—code based on principles of Universal Design for Learning, suggesting that accessible code can open collaborative opportunities.  

Access, Difference, Interfaces, Pedagogies, Technologies Accessibility, universal design, literacy, Multimodality, performance Allison Hitt, Lindsey Banister, Kevin Brock