Computers and Writing 2013: Mechanization and Writing


The conference registration and information desk will open on Thursday

morning at 7:30 am. We will be on the second floor of the Compton Building

in the Atrium area. (For an image, visit:


Once you enter Compton on the first floor, signs will direct you to registration and

exhibition area. We will remain open on Thursday till 4 and reopen Friday

at 7:30 am. Refer to the conference program (downloadable as a pdf on the

Schedule page of the website) for more information about our hours.

Breakfast will be served on the third floor but you may always bring it

back down with you. You will be able to pay for registration using PayPal,

credit, or cash at the registration table.


If you are checking into the dorms you should go to Westminster Hall. (For

a picture:

There is a 24 hour check in desk located there. If you have not yet paid

for dorms or registration at the time you arrive you will still be able to

get a room for the night, however, you will have to pay at registration the

next day and your name will be forwarded to conference staff to make sure

that you pay for your room. Wireless in the dorms works very poorly so we

have given the dorm registration desk 100 3-foot ethernet cables that can

be checked out to you. If you would like a longer cable we highly recommend

you bring one of your own.


There are still dorm rooms available and we will be accepting registrations throughout the conference.


Thank you,


Dr. Jill Anne Morris


Assistant Professor of English

Frostburg State University

Chair, Computers & Writing 2013




Frostburg serves as a backdrop to this conference, allowing us to celebrate the beauty of technology (steam and otherwise), to reconsider aesthetics in design, and to evaluate anachronistic gear-head uses and users in our classrooms and communities. Frostburg is situated on one end of a historical rail line that operates between Cumberland and a depot just a short walk from campus,  giving participants an opportunity to experience an historical steam-driven train ride through the Western Maryland countryside as well. The downtown area is a short walk from campus and features turn of the century style, shopping, and dining. We hope to welcome you to our campus in 2013! 


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