Volunteers (all)

You can volunteer to review a session or to help capture a session by filming and/or transcribing a video. You can just head to a session page, check the top to see what the session needs, then select the volunteer link. Or you can get more information and instructions.

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University of Rhode Island @timothyamidon
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UNC @iamdan
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University of North Carolina @iamdan
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Georgia State University @thatgsuprof
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University of Minnesota / Frostburg State University @dawn_armfield
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Washington State University @kristinarola
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Kairos/Illinois State University @s2ceball
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Old Dominion University @matthewcbeale
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Bowling Green State University @estee_beck
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Syracuse University @pb112233
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Georgia Southern University @kbstarnes
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Bowling Green State University @cloudyc
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Georgia State University
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University of Arkansas--Fort Smith
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Wake Forest University @findheatherlee
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north dakota state university @kab13
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College of Staten Island, CUNY @ambi24
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University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill Thistleberrypie
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Bedford/St. Martin's @ncarbone
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University of Southern California @mirandamuseum
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Washington State University @warhetor
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University of South Florida, St. Petersburg @ShareRiff
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Grand View University
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University of Delaware @WritingCucc
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Northern Illinois University @mday666
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Ohio State University
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Michigan State University
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George Mason University @eymand
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University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire @sisypheantask
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University of Central Florida @chris_friend
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East Carolina University @erinafrost
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Georgia State University @OrianaGatta
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Syracuse University @tjgeiger85
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Dakota State University @shreediva
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Bowling Green State University @maregrohowski
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Illinois State University @angela_haas
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UNC-Chapel Hill @knowledges33ker
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CSU Los Angeles @cs_harris
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St. Cloud State University @HennesJack
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University of Denver
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Utah Valley University
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University of Texas at Austin @philosophister
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Clemson University
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Richard Stockton College of New Jersey @CarraLeahHood
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University of Louisville @louisvillebound
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Illinois State University @jimkalmbach
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Wayne State University
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Rowan University @DrewMKopp
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University of Massachusetts, Amherst
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UNC-Chapel Hill @loanage
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UNC-Chapel Hill @loanage
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North Carolina State University @KateMadd
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Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
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Ball State University @crmcardle
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Indiana University of Pennsylvania
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Clemson University @seanmorey
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University of California, Santa Cruz @lucidbard
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University of Texas at Austin @rscottnelson
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Miami University
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Arizona State University @oncomouse
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Technoculture/Michigan State University @aristotlejulep
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Miami University @dfralston
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Georgia Gwinnett College @rhetoroxor
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University of North Carolina Wilmington
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Kent State University
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Old Dominion University @varhodes
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Georgia State University @vrobin1000
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Old Dominion University @rrodrigo
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Old Dominion Universty
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New York City College of Technology / CUNY
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University of Wisconsin--Stout @D. Ruefman
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Arizona State University @jenrussum
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University of Baltimore @anasalter
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UNC-Chapel Hill
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Excelsior College
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University of California, San Diego
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Elizabeth City State University @Abigail_Scheg
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University of Houston-Clear Lake @rhetdr
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Ohio State University
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Arizona State University @RPShepherd
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Auburn University @michellesidler
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University of Michigan @nesilver
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Indiana University of Pennsylvania @emilysimnitt
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Frostburg State University
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Winthrop University
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Rockford College @kstedman
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Slippery Rock University @jstuart1031
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Gardner-Webb University @terfle
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Purdue University psulliva
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Florida State University
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St. Cloud State University
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University of Central Florida @digirhet
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Illinois State University @joycerwalker
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Illinois State University @joycerwalker
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University of Central Florida @wallsdouglas
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Saint Louis University @johnpwalter
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West Virginia University @EricRWardell
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UNC-Chapel Hill @digitalmediajen
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north dakota state university
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Virginia Tech @warnick
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Creighton University
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Stanford University @mwidner
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Rowan University @billwolff
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University of Michigan @myergeau
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The Florida State University