Writing Machines, Writing Bodies


Session Abstract/Description: 

The scene of writing involves a complex assemblage of machines and bodies. This panel features two installations that explore this assemblage by asking questions about embodiment and writing. One installation features sensor boards that replace the keyboard, asking the audience to consider how the body might be used differently to write. Interactors use the sensor boards to generate words on screen, but they do so by making gestures, making sounds, and using resistance sensors. A second installation features three different writing machines, each designed to expose the anxieties that cut across the writing situation. Through the use of small spikes, rubber bands, and software, this installation makes the writer reflect on and second guess his or her decisions. The two presenters for this panel will offer very brief framing remarks (no longer than 5 minutes for each panelist) explaining their writing machines. The remainder of the time will be left for the audience to tinker with these writing machines and to ask the panelists questions.


Dunkle 124 (lab)

Building Location: 


Session B

Friday, June 7, 2013 - 10:00am to 11:15am