You volunteer by selecting the Volunteer tab at the top of any session. You can only volunteer once per session, though you can sign up for multiple activities when volunteering.

Follow these steps:


Navigate to the session page for which you wish to volunteer. At the top of any session page you can find out if anyone has yet volunteered. When ready select the Volunteer tab.

In the form that opens, use the checkboxes to volunteer for activities. Once you have selected your checkboxes, click Submit.

You will be take to a page for your volunteer registration. You can always edit this page to adjust or withdraw your signup.

You can select My Account at the top of the site and see a list of sessions for which you have volunteered. Edit any of these volunteer entries to make changes.

Reviewing Sessions

If you volunteer to review a session, you will be contacted by the Sweetland writing center. You can coordinate with them about the review submission process. When finished, you can use the Post a Review of This Session link at the bottom of a session page to upload or link to your review.

Filming and Transcribing Sessions

You will need to provide your own equipment to film a session. Before filming, ask the panelists for consent. Capture your video, then upload it to YouTube or Vimeo. Go to the bottom of the session page you have filmed and select the Post a Video Of This Session link. Fill out the form, entering the URL where you have posted the video.

If you are transcribing a video that has been posted to a session, compose your transcript in a text editor. (You may want to try a program like Express Scribe to control the playback rate of media for transcription.) When ready, navigate to the video for which you have composed the transcription. At the bottom of the page, select the Post A Transcript of This Video link. In the form that appears, enter a title, and then paste in the transcription of the video. Check formatting, line breaks, and content of the transcription, then select the Submit link.

For videos or transcriptions, you can always navigate to the page for the entry, and then select the Edit link to make changes or remove a file.

For a different take on volunteering, try Crane Calls: