Technologically Savvy


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Writing studies faculty who “know” about various technologies are often being called upon to do service work beyond committee work. This work may have varying levels of visibility to the point of invisibility, even while such faculty may be explicitly hired for this very expertise. The 1998 CCCC Promotion and Tenure Guidelines for Work with Technology does not address this often invisible labor; instead, it explicitly discusses the value of technological work done by faculty that extends beyond the scholarly into the practical. Specifically the guidelines discuss the committee work that writing studies scholars with this expertise might be asked to do. However, the question of other forms of service such as running department instructional computer spaces, creating professional development opportunities for other faculty, or maintaining web servers and presences is not addressed.

This presentation will continue the conversation on these labor issues by considering the ways in which technologically savvy writing studies faculty are involved in both the intellectual and practical work of technology use on their campuses. We will start briefly discuss the history of increased work done by computers and writing faculty. We will then share the results of our interviews and conclude with recommendations about how one might create arguments for divergent contexts for better support and for the value of this work as part of scholarly activity.


Guild 205

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Session B

Friday, June 7, 2013 - 10:00am to 11:15am