Performing Rhetoric: Embodying Rhetoric Through Screens and Space


Session Abstract/Description: 

cranes flyingThankfully, scholars are beginning to see the irony of print-based calls for alternative modes for making and distributing knowledge (Ball). It has long been clear that we need alternatives to print genres and to familiar rhetorical modes focused on sequential logic and critique (Kress). The current pivot toward finding substitute modes of response that foreground multimedia is in its early stages, but beginning to gain momentum and showcase scholar-practitioners who are bringing to light the material and rhetorical affordances of non-print rhetorics (Anderson; Shipka; Skye-Bianco). However, it’s possible that even these responses that push at the edges of digital rhetoric may come up short. It’s possible that, even while we extend rhetorical potentials with new materials, we limit them by focusing on fixed compositions--new media products. To consider this troubling possibility and explore alternatives, this panel will examine how rhetorics enacted through the screen open possibilities for emergent composing through performative modes. The intent is not to imagine a rhetorical world in which no products exist. But to recast the discussion of new media production in light of a nuanced sense in which performance and recording play out together as reciprocating aspects of an emergent dynamic of meaning making (Pickering).




Dunkle 219

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Session C

Friday, June 7, 2013 - 1:30pm to 2:45pm