On the Digital Rhetorics of Fans and Fan Communities


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Fan studies continues to grow as a field of academic study, often in ways that very much complement the current and future direction of digital rhetoric scholarship. Just as our field is coming to terms with the emerging literacies associated with the distributed communication of social networking, so, too, are those studying fandom. And in some cases, such as the implications of active rather than passive consumers and distributed communities, the work we are doing has been theorized quite well by fan studies scholars, and there is much we can learn from them. This panel suggests ways that our complementary disciplinary perspectives can add to our field’s understanding of how fan communities--including self-identified fan scholars--participate, organize, and experience rhetorical communication. Specifically, we summon work on digital archives, remixing, and multimodal communication to help us understand various sites of online fannish rhetoric.

  • Amanda Wall: "I WILL BURN THIS FANDOM TO THE GROUND: Digital Anger and Debate Online"
  • Bill Wolff: "Baby, We were Born to Tweet: #Springsteen, Concert Tweets, and the Emergence of a Transmedia Composing Community"
  • Tekla Hawkins, "Mixtape Fairytales: Fan Fiction and Digital Literacy"
  • Kyle Stedman, "Toward a (Fannish) Phenomenology of Sound: Nostalgia, Affect, and Lightsabers"


Dunkle 324

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Session K

Sunday, June 9, 2013 - 12:00pm to 1:15pm