2012 Conference Schedule

Session Time: Friday Session A: 10:00-11:15

Foundations & Frames: Enabling & Sustaining Curricular and Pedagogical Structures for Multimodal Composition

Room: Caldwell G106 Session Time: Friday Session A: 10:00-11:15 Session Type: Featured Session

How do we best make textual-to-digital transitions from a curricular perspective? In a multilingual society, how can multimodal composition foster language diversity? Who bears the costs of integrating technology and multimodality into our pedagogy? Building upon Chomseky, Gee, Goggin and Trimbur, this panel explores these questions in conjunction with digital/multimodal composition.

Speaker 1: Using Multimodal Composition to Foster Language Diversity
Speaker 2: At What Price? Cost-shifting and Corporatization in Composition
Speaker 3: Complex Construction: Digital Literacies in First-Year Writing Curricula

Tags: Multiliteracies, Multimodal Composition, Writing Program Administration

Session Time: Sunday Session J: 10:30-11:45

Embracing the Messiness of Digital Praxis: Rhetoric, Efficiency, and Administrative Decisions about Digital Design and Online Writing Instruction

Room: Tompkins G112 Session Time: Sunday Session J: 10:30-11:45 Session Type: Panel Presentation

To study the decisions made for writing courses, we propose using the concepts Efficient Rhetoric and the Rhetoric of Efficiency to understand the commonplaces that support certain ideologies over others.

Introduction: Rhetoric and Efficiency
Speaker 1: Can You Teach Me Now? The In/Efficiencies of Online Writing Instruction
Speaker 2: My Tower is Leaning: The Perils an Inefficient Pedagogy of Digital Design

Tags: Multimodal Composition, Writing Program Administration, Writing Studies