2012 Conference Schedule

Session Time: Friday Session A: 10:00-11:15

Creation, (re)Creation, and Participation: The Indigenous Interface

Room: Caldwell G111 Session Time: Friday Session A: 10:00-11:15 Session Type: Panel Presentation

This panel proceeds from the argument that there is much to gain by “including American Indians in the discourse surrounding information technologies” (Haas, 2005). Speakers explore how digital interfaces—specifically web design software, social networking sites, and digital archives—are negotiated so as to encourage an active American Indian presence.

Tags: Pedagogy, Race, Social Media

Session Time: Friday Session C: 2:45-4:00

Differential Makings: Enacting Theories of Raced Experience in Digital Writing Research and Pedagogy

Room: Tompkins 123 Session Time: Friday Session C: 2:45-4:00 Session Type: Featured Session

Foundational Computers and Writing scholarship has called for attention toward how diverse groups use technology, including identifying oppressive systems that deny technological access and better understanding racially situated embodied experiences with writing technologies. However, shifting from acknowledging a need for multiplicitous perspectives to actively enacting diverse ways of making meaning is complex work. Gloria Anzaldúa, for one, has cautioned us about approaches that “allude to the category, cite a few women-of-color texts, tack on a token book to their syllabus and assume they’ve dealt with race.” With these complexities in mind, panelists ask: How might we put differential ways of making meaning at the theoretical center of Computers and Writing teaching and research? How do we build accounts of raced experience with technology that retain the complex constellations of objects, stories, and people that intersect in digital writing?

Speaker 1: “Messy” Research: How to Listen and See the Mess of Access Enacted
Speakers 2 and 3: Operationalizing
Conocimiento: Enacting Chicana Rhetoric in Computers and Writing Pedagogy and Research

Tags: Race, Research and Methodology

Session Time: Sunday Session J: 10:30-11:45

Writing of the Body: Digital Tools and the Transformation of Hegemonic Spaces

Room: Tompkins 123 Session Time: Sunday Session J: 10:30-11:45 Session Type: Panel Presentation

This panel will focus on how the relationship between marginalized groups and media in the past as well as in the present can both construct and constrain identities and language. 

Speaker 1: Women, Font, and the Battle for Clarity
Speaker 2: Writing Our Way(s): (Re)Negotiating Native American Identities Through/With Technology
Speaker 3: Beyond Word: Spelling and Grammar Technologies in Networked Environments

Tags: Gender, Identity, Race