2012 Conference Schedule

Session Time: Friday Session A: 10:00-11:15

Composing an Occupation: Technology and the Occupy Movement

Room: Tompkins G109 Session Time: Friday Session A: 10:00-11:15 Session Type: Panel Presentation

"Occupy Wall Street." The phrase strikes fear in the heart of bank executives and scholars alike: everyone knows that in order to win an argument you need to have an argument. This panel explores richer rhetorical and cultural implications of the movement, focusing on situated knowledge, transformative access, memes, and enthymemes.

Speaker 1: Occupied:  race, writing, and the problem of diversity in the occupy wall street movement

Speaker 2: The Occupy Wall Street Argument: Putting the Meme in Enthymeme

Tags: Open Source, Social Action, Social Media

Session Time: Saturday Installation: 2:45-4:30

Open Professional Writing Preview

Room: Session Time: Saturday Installation: 2:45-4:30 Session Type: Interactive Installation

This presentation will introduce interested users to Open Professional Writing, an open-source course management system.  Based on Drupal 6, Open Professional Writing offers many of the features instructors have come to expect in a CMS, with the added benefit of composition-specific drafting features.   Copies will available for distribution on disk.

Tags: Course Management Systems, Infrastructure, Open Source

Session Time: Saturday Session F: 10:00-11:15

The Writing Spaces Web Writing Style Guide: Building a Commons

Room: Tompkins 123 Session Time: Saturday Session F: 10:00-11:15 Session Type: Roundtable

In this roundtable session, the presenters will start a conversation that will:

1. Reflect on how a conference/unconference commons developed this text, and on the value of an open-access text book.
2. Encourage participants to talk about how they are using the WWSG in the classroom.
3. Consider the relative strengths and weaknesses of the different formats through which WWSG is published: HTML, PDF, and EPUB.
4. Invite roundtable attendees to help plan for, and eventually participate in WWSG version 2.0, a project that will begin in July 2012.

Tags: Collaboration, Open Source, Writing Studies

Session Time: Saturday Session G: 2:45-4:00

Blueprints for Digital Composition Spaces: The Architextures of ePorfolios and Digital Video Compositions

Room: Tompkins G123 Session Time: Saturday Session G: 2:45-4:00 Session Type: Panel Presentation

Three architects of compositional spaces discuss the institutional, technological, and pedagogical implications of groundbreaking curricular innovations that redefine what composition is, how it connects with others, and how digital compositions and learning records can be assessed.

Speaker 1: Walking the Tightrope: Institutional, Pedagogical, and Technological Challenges in Electronic Portfolio Development
Speaker 2: Nine Years of Successes and Challenges: A Report on NIU's First-Year Composition Electronic Portfolio Project
Speaker 3: Racking Focus on Digital Video Compositions: Student Perspectives and Pedagogical Implications

Tags: Course Management Systems, Digital Assessment, Open Source

Session Time: Thursday Full-Day Workshop: 9:00am-4:00pm

Workshop: End-to-End Agile Web Application Development from Basically Nothing

Room: Tompkins 129 Session Time: Thursday Full-Day Workshop: 9:00am-4:00pm Session Type: Full-Day Workshop

This day-long workshop will introduce participants to web application development using a powerful but approachable framework (Node.js) and an agile workflow based on a version control system (Git). In addition to those back-end concerns, the workshop will also look at agile, responsive methods for front-end, user interface design.

Tags: Collaboration, Course Management Systems, Open Source