2012 Conference Schedule

Session Time: Saturday Session F: 10:00-11:15

Scaffolding learning across multiple environments

Room: Caldwell G106 Session Time: Saturday Session F: 10:00-11:15 Session Type: Panel Presentation

Successfully scaffolding learning both within the university and beyond remains a challenge for educators and mentors. This panel presents the results of several studies exploring how learning is structured and sustained in a variety of contexts.

Speaker 1: Mentorship and Composing: The When of Digital and Local Infrastructures
Speaker 2: Context-Switching or Meshing?: Designing Digital Texts in/for the Classroom
Speaker 3: Undergraduates’ Temporary Technology Adoption of Software Applications in FYC and Gen Ed Digital Media Courses

Tags: Infrastructure, Mentoring, Multimodal Composition

Session Time: Sunday Session I: 9:00-10:15

The Materiality of Digital Scholarship: Video, Poetry, Found Objects

Room: Caldwell G107 Session Time: Sunday Session I: 9:00-10:15 Session Type: Panel Presentation

This panel explores various modes of expressive media from a rhetorically situated perspective. Panelists engage these media to examine their persuasive basis concerning both lived experience and culturally-positioned rhetorical arguments. Moreover, the process of construction of these media is explored as an equally important facet within the broader context.

Speaker 1: Five Virtual Canons: Time-based Media as a New(ish) Site for Rhetoric (revised version)
Speaker 2: The Dream of a Common Silence: Poetry Beyond Print Culture
Speaker 3: To preserve, digitize and project:  On the process of composing other people’s lives

Tags: Digital Spaces, Mentoring, Visual Studies