2012 Conference Schedule

Session Time: Friday Session C: 2:45-4:00

Empowerment Through Digital Discourse: Potentials for Digital Literacy in Blogging, Digital Storytelling, and E-Learning

Room: Tompkins G123 Session Time: Friday Session C: 2:45-4:00 Session Type: Panel Presentation

This panel will explore multimodal consumerism in digital music blogs, digital storytelling and collaborative rhetoric in communities of developmentally disabled individuals, and the implications of changing authorship on e-learning and accessibility.

Speaker 1: Digital Literacy and Music Blogging: Consumers, Creators, and Evolving Authorship
Speaker 2: Disability Rhetoric in a Digital World: Digital Storytelling with Developmentally Disabled Individuals
Speaker 3: Visual Literacy, Authorship and Potentials for E-learning

Tags: Accessibility, Digital Spaces, Multimodal Composition

Session Time: Friday Session D: 4:15-5:30

Designed Assumptions: Reflecting on Technology in Reading and Writing Classrooms

Room: Tompkins 129 Session Time: Friday Session D: 4:15-5:30 Session Type: Panel Presentation

As technologies become more “invisible” in reading and writing classrooms, it is critical that educators reflect upon the implicit assumptions that are designed into such technologies. This panel will critically reflect upon technologies that are currently embedded in classrooms, highlighting the implications of these designed assumptions for accessibility and pedagogy.

Tags: Accessibility, Infrastructure

Session Time: Saturday Session H: 4:15-5:30

Beyond Retrofitting: Unlearning Composition in Digital Times

Room: Caldwell G106 Session Time: Saturday Session H: 4:15-5:30 Session Type: Panel Presentation

The future of rhetoric and composition—and of our own computers and writing— require that we not only learn new skills of composing, but that we also unlearn old epistemologies. This panel identifies processes of unlearning that occur (or in some cases, should occur) in the teaching and manufacturing of digital and multimodal texts.

Speaker 1: Unlearning Accommodation: Universal Design and Multimodal Pedagogies
Speaker 2: Unlearning Publishing: Consolidation and Expertise in the Digital Age
Speaker 3: Unlearning Old Age: What Can Older Adults Teach Us About Digital Literacies?

Tags: Accessibility, Digital Scholarship, Multimodal Composition