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Writing With Sound

Getting Started

An initial experiment with audio in your classroom can be as simple as having students record and share a getting-to-know-you story in the opening week of class. Small activities like recording stories could serve, for example, as a heuristic across multiple projects/units.

Here are two “Getting Started” guides available from While perhaps a bit dated, these can serve as initial low-bridge resources to recording a story, and a gateway to further audio work.

“The Basics” by Jay Allison

“Shout Out: A Kid’s Guide to Recording Stories”

More tools, etc.

Audacity: A free audio editor and recorder.

SoundCloud: A site for sharing sound. SoundCloud also has a mobile app for recording and uploading sounds.

Transom: A vast resource for public-radio style audio work. Includes how-to resources, tool reviews, as well as an archive of audio pieces.

Youth Radio: A media education and advocacy organization.

Lesson Plans/Projects

“Podcast/Paper: Having Students Do the Same Assignment in 2 Media”: From UT-Austin’s Digital Writing and Research Lab.

“Oral History Group Podcasting Assignment”: From UT-Austin’s Digital Writing and Research Lab.

Sample Work


For a working list of readings on using audio in the classroom go HERE.

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